How to create a virtual machine in Azure Cloud

I am writing this blog on creation of virtual machine in Microsoft Azure. How can we create a VM in Azure, what are the steps to take and how to build as per our requirement? The blog will definitely help you guys to learn about the Microsoft Cloud and its available services specifically creation of virtual machine. As Microsoft provides a lot of functionalities and new services in Azure and it is easier for us to manage it and use it at the low cost. Therefore I would like to take you to create a virtual machine in Azure instead of purchasing a new one.

First thing here which is important that we need to have a Microsoft Subscription whether it’s a free or paid to create a virtual machine.

As a first step we need to login to Azure portal and here you can see all the services on the left hand side and marketplace in Azure as in the below snapshot.

Go to create resource and type “Virtual Machine” in search bar, it will display all the machines e.g. Windows, Linux etc. we need to search the machine as per our requirement and choose the same and double click to create it.

In this blog I have chosen the first machine i.e. “Microsoft server 2016 Datacenter”. As soon as you double click this selected option then the below page will open with different options.

Here, we need to just check the deployment model before hit create. There are two deployment models available 1. Classic 2. Resource Manager.

By default, Resource Manager will be selected, later or sooner classic model will be deprecated.

As soon as we will hit create another page will display which requires us to fill the information.

Here, we are supposed to fill all the required information otherwise we can’t proceed further. We need to pay our full attention here on Location option where we are creating our machine because Microsoft has lot of Azure Region in each country. I have selected here location as “East US”.

Once we hit Ok to proceed further then we can see a listing of available machines with pricing in your country currency. Now as per the requirement we need to choose the machine.

Next page is also important from the point view of network and high availability settings. If we are creating machine for our company then we have to check with the network team for IP addressing else it will take default IP address as given below in page. Another setting is for High Availability if we need this option and facility that the clone also created the same time of the machine then we have to apply the settings of the same else standalone machine will be created.

Once all is set to go then hit Ok to proceed further and validation process will start to check all the settings which we have applied and new page will open to check for the terms and conditon of Microsoft.

Here we will get a summay of our machine which we are expecting from Microsoft to create for us in Azure.

Still if we want to make changes then we can do it. As soon as we hit create option then deployment will start and we have to wait for few mintues.

We will get notification as deployment is in progress as below.

As soon as the deployment succeeded, we get a notification and we can use the machine.

Machine is created with all the settings and configuration, we can check by taking RDP.

Machine Status:

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