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How to create Drop and Recreate Script of all Indexes in a database?

It’s a general requirement in the DBA job to scripts out the database objects and deployment the scripts in the new environment. Microsoft SQL Server provides us an option to
Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud Computing and top service providers

Technologically the IT industry has evolved at a rapid rate with new and innovative ideas entered into the industry. The amount of data that has grown over time among industry
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  • March 4, 2016
SQL Server Database Objects Interview Question Interview Questions SQL Terminologies

SQL DBA Interview Questions and Answers-Database Architecture and Database Properties

This article comprises of SQL Server Questions and answers series on Database Architecture and various Database Properties. Intentionally I skipped Database Recovery Models, Backups, Restore, Data File and Transaction Log
SQL Server Interview Question

SQL Server DBA Interview Questions and Answers-SQL Server Architecture

I am writing this blog based upon the Experience and knowledge which I gained after reading lot of Articles, Blogs, and Microsoft Documentation on SQL Server Architecture. Though it takes

10 reasons why LinkedIn profile is important for professionals

LinkedIn was counted amongst the other social media networks but over time, it has become the most important to professionals in all fields. Since it is a professional platform,most of